Col3trane, Ebenezer 'Language' by Felix Brady

Col3trane, Ebenezer 'Language' by Felix Brady
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Felix Brady has achieved an ingenious snapshot of London life for Col3trane. 

Zooming in and out on house parties, hangouts on rooftops, kids setting off fireworks in parks - Brady captures the vibrancy of the city in a continuous shot from a high vantage point. And then he gets Col3trane in a variety of locations within the single shot. That’s clever - he explains how it’s done below.

“The song is playful,” Cole says. “And the video is a party; all positive, all fun. I’m proud we made something that looks and feels like London.”

From the director


"This was a mad one, with so many thing to think about. First off finding the right vantage point to shoot from, and then actually getting the permission to film in all the places we were looking into. Not a small feat for production.

"Then there was the technicals. The low light (and lack of ability TO light the street), blended with the need to zoom over huge distance created quite the challenge camera-wise. We ended up shooting on a Varicam, pushing it to 10000 ISO. The lens was a crazy "shooting lions in the savannah" type lens, and it went from 50 to 1000mm.

"Then Justin Pentacost came through with the motion control head that allowed us to map the whole move and repeat it for each of our setups. It was amazing to use MOCO in 'outside studio' setting and really combine tech and narrative to achieve a surreal look in a believable London setting.

"The shoot itself was a lot of running in and out of buildings and basically taking over a small block in Bermondsey. We had a gooden, it was a great crew and Col3trane and Ebenezer were fantastic to work with."


Felix Brady
Martha McGuirk
Production Company
StinkStink website
Executive Producer
Katie Lambert
Production Manager
Natalie Steiner
1st AD
Ezra Sumner
Director of Photography
Joseph Alexander Guy
Focus Puller
Jack Edwards
Benjamin Skyrme
Art Director
Phoebe Darling Senner
Nil Tomaken
Jessica Summer
Tim Smith
Grading company
Electric Theatre Collective
Post production company
Post Producer
Vadim Konov
Caroline Clayton
Justin Pentecost
VFX Supervisor / DIT
Daniel Hawkins
Lead Cast
Callum Jarvis, Tania Tavares, Yara R-silva
Katie Mccaul, Lauren Ralph, Kim Turnball, Anton Baleanu, Maisie Barnes
2nd AD
Lucy Kelly
Daisy Rodger
Rosie Bingham Hall
Pedro Takahashi
Craig Bruce
Amir Moulfi
Tina Georgiva
Lighting Van Driver
Chris Prendergast
Styling Assist
Lisa Marie Roger
Col3trane Stylist
Lorenzo Posocco
Jess Summer
Col3trane HMU
Sukhy Bhandal
Charlotte Lowdell
Director's Rep
OB Management / Sarah Boardman

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