Vivienne Chi 'Junk' by Thomas Hinkamp

Vivienne Chi 'Junk' by Thomas Hinkamp
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A young man explores his own identity, testing the boundaries of how far he can go, in Thomas Hinkamp's engaging video for British alt-pop singer songwriter Vivienne Chi.

Exploring the freedom within people, the narrative is framed through an intimate look at one man and his self-expression of masculinity and the unique characters that live around him. Hinkamp stated 'I think a lot of time we are so worried about what people think that we miss what’s going on around us, and in the process, create this persona that can hide important parts of ourselves'. 

The video's visual language counters back and forth between smooth curated shots, and more spontaneous handheld; mirroring the young man's journey from a safe and structured expression into the unknown side of himself. Allowing a more intimate look into the new world around him. 


Thomas HinkampThomas Hinkamp website
Steven Crawford
Director of Photography
Andrew Baris
Jacob Kirby
Jacob Kirby

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