Dimension 'Black Church' by Raja Virdi

Dimension 'Black Church' by Raja Virdi
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Raja Virdi expands from his signature live performance promo style with this ambitious production for Dimension, shot in Peterborough Cathedral.

Dark narrative elements accompany a performance by the electronic artist in the remarkable space, shot in black and white to fit in with Dimension's trademark monochromatic visual style.

But there's also a rave-like energy to the piece, courtesy of a lighting rig of nearly 50 lights/strobes and a huge arena laser, designed by LD Thomas Mason-Smith. And a heavy lift drone carrying an Alexa Mini and Kowa Anamorphics captures the full scale of the location.


From the director


“I’ve worked with Dimension before, but this was the biggest video we’ve done so far. Essentially, we wanted to shoot an epic light show in a Cathedral. The song is massive. You can feel the energy in every beat so I wanted to create a lighting spectacle and visual imagery which would marry up to this.

"The shoot itself was intense but loved every second, it was a super long night shoot with a huge hard-working crew.

"I really enjoyed post-production on this one - a fantastic cut by Ed Cooper using all sorts of transitions and little effects to elevate particular shots. And the entire piece overall & the black and white grade pushed heavily by colourist Pete Oppersdorff and DOP James Rhodes. It certainly looks fantastic. It was a big job but we have most definitely created a great visual piece.”


Raja Virdi
Byron McNally
Anthony Toma
Production Company
Khona ProductionsKhona Productions website
Production Company
Toma Productions
1st AD
Ato Yankey
Director of Photography
James Rhodes
Focus Puller
Ryan Parkins
2nd AC
Rhys Warren
Charlie Jenkins
Lighting Designer
Thomas Mason-Smith
Hair & Make-up
Carly Guy
Edward Cooper
Editing company
The Assembly Rooms
Peter Oppersdorff
Grading company
Michal Szpak, Anthony James, Zoey Kay, Bethany Bennett
Seb Weingartshofer
Worship Artists
2nd AD
Laura Prast
Clara Butler, Anastasia Chabanova
Drone Pilot
Adam Turner
Drone Gimbal Op
Katya Pelhams-Wright
Drone Company
The Helicopter Girls
Sepehr Moshki
Lighting Design Company
Dragonfly Lighting
Desk Op
Andrew Leslie
Laser Op
Danny Mace
Simon Michalak
Gareth Wharrier
Brian Mandeville
Runner Driver
Stephan Palaczky
Andrea Sarcinelli
BTS Photographer
Alex Rawson

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