First Aid Kit 'Fireworks' by Mats Udd

First Aid Kit 'Fireworks' by Mats Udd
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First Aid Kit fulfill a long-held fantasy in their latest video. They get to go to the prom. 

For Fireworks, Mats Udd follows up his Sliding Doors-inspired video for It's A Shame by dropping Klara and Johanna Söderberg at an Eighties-style high school prom, then adds a distinctly supernatural element.  

In a statement, the Swedish folk duo said they've "always loved the idea of American high school proms," though they were never able to experience one in real life. "It was incredible to get to recreate one in our hometown of Stockholm," they added. "Aesthetically it's such a different look from our previous video – it was fun to go full Eighties mode. We got to dress up our friends and our mom in full on retro looks. We had a blast shooting this video and found out 'Fireworks' is a great song to slow dance to."


Mats Udd
Petra Krigström
Production Company
Slutet är Nära
Executive Producer
Alexandros Bakos
Production Manager
Alina Grön
Director of Photography
Viktor Skogqvist
Focus Puller
Jesper Wahlqvist
Peter Övgård
Sarah Grundén, Amanda Svensson
Sandra Svensson, Charlotte Suden Barbotin
Mikael Hallmans
Martin Steinberg, Nicke Jacobsson
Patrik Janson
Saul Levitz
Columbia Records

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