Jay-Z ft. Gloria Carter 'Smile' by Miles Jay

Jay-Z ft. Gloria Carter 'Smile' by Miles Jay
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Smuggler director Miles Jay presents a moving short film for JAY-Z’s latest “Smile”. Written by Miles, the video is a visually magnificent piece inspired by the emotional experiences of Gloria Carter, JAY-Z’s mother.

Set in Brooklyn in the 1970s, the video explores Gloria living in the shadows as she is forced to hide her homosexuality. We see her flourishing relationship with her female neighbour, which develops into a budding sexuality that can never be realised. Backgrounded by the social and economic pressures of the time, the two women sacrifice living their truths for the betterment of their children.

A young Shawn Carter witnesses the vulnerability in his mother for the first time and through her pain learns to smile through adversity. JAY-Z’s lyricism concludes with a poem written by Gloria in which she unveils her homosexuality for the first time, revealing the insight of her experience.

Smile is a special and personal film, rendered compassionately by Miles Jay and expertly photographed by Stuart Winecoff.


Miles Jay
Saul Germaine
Production Company
Executive Producer
Allison Kunzman
Director of Photography
Stuart Winecoff
Art Director
Akin Mackenzie
Ben Jordan
Editing company
Work Editorial
Mike Howell
Grading company
Color Collective
Director's Rep (UK)
OB ManagementOB Management website
Director's Rep (US)
Kevin Kloecker
Costume Designer
Miyako Bellizzi
Production Supervisor
Amanda Summers
Production Coordinator
Anastasia Alvarado
Associate Producers
Dani Girdwood, Claire McGirr, Karen Berkowitz
1st AD
Kamen Velkovsky
1st AD Assist
Jack McKenna
2nd AD
Steven Valle
2nd AD Assist
Jack McKenna
2nd 2nd Assit Directors
Justin Abencuchan
Talent Coordinator
Steven Valle
Casting By
Laura Rosenthal & Maribeth Fox
Street Casting By
Alliah Sophia Mourad, Carmen Rosy Hall
Stew Cantrell
1st ACs
June Zandona, Christian Crus
2nd ACs
Justin Leblanc, Tom Van Scoyoc, Isaac Banks
Matt Harding, Holden Pham
Camera Prep
Zachary Rubin
2nd Unit Dir
Natalie Rae Robison
2nd Unit DOP
Jaclyn Martinez
2nd Unit Loader
Dave Ross
2nd Unit 1st AC
Rachel Batashvili
Lyon Taylor
Best Boy Electric
Luke Provenzano
Daniel Contaldo, Chelsea Soby, Matt Reilly
Key Grip
Ethan June
Best Boy Grip
Andrew Gritzke
Levi Sherman, Sam Warga, Gabe Solo
Joe Chiofalo
Art Director
Cheyenne Ford
Art Coordinator
Skirt Kevin Boonruang
Adam Merritt
Set Decorator
Lauren Crawford
Prop Master
Thor Foss
Prop Assistants
Zachary Alliger, Andrew Burgh
Set Dressers
Michaela Sulka, Luiza Rosa, Barker White, Edwin Idelfonso, Shomari Martinez, Daniel Chandler, Chris Martin, Sasfield King, Joe Henry Baker
John Eschleman, Annamaria “AJ” Archer
2nd Unit Art Coordinator
Monica Dabrowski
2nd Unit Props
Joe Henry Baker
Art Consultants
Aparna Sarkar, Balint Zsako, Emma Hopkins, Manzel Bowman, Maria Ivanova, Taha Clayton
Wardrobe Supervisor
Alex Lee
Oak Laokwansathitaya, Rhamier Auguste, Merve Eltemur
Hair Stylist
Darico Jackson
Hair Assistants
Austin Thornton, Daryce Brown-Willis
Makeup Artist
Etzel Ecleston
Makeup Assistants
Andy Cambridge, Gemma Iaquinta
Sound Mixer
Taylor Roy
Hugo Amaya
Script Supervisor
Peggy Sutton
Location Manager
Danny Cross, Amanda Lomazow
Post-Production Supervisors
Natasha Sattler, Saul Germaine
Supervising Colorist
Alex Bickel
Assistant Colorist
Alex Jimenez
Harbor Picture Company

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