Jones 'Something 'Bout Our Love' by William Baker

Jones 'Something 'Bout Our Love' by William Baker
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William Baker goes for the simple and strong approach for Jones, in order to emphasise her star quality.

The renowned creative director's latest outing as a music video director has Cherie Jones performing Something 'Bout Our Love against bold colours for a timeless feel. 

From the director


"It was a privilege to work with Cherie on the video for Somethin' Bout Our Love. I was struck immediately by the angles of her face, her incredible posture and grace and just how classy, but also how timeless she is, both as a person and as an artist. Jones is simply hypnotic as a performer. She is such a beauty that I just wanted simply to capture her and the unique way she moves and frame her against block colour so she becomes a graphic presence, all angles and colour. 

"I wanted the video to be timeless, like it could be from the 80’s, 90’s or 00’s and also wouldn't look out of place playing as a hologram on the side of a skyscraper in Bladerunner. So many new artists come and go, but Jones already feels established as a star: she has this confidence and a gentle, but very evident power. She has that indefinable magic to her that is star quality. I just wanted to capture that.”


William Baker
Matt Clyde
Production Company
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Production Assistant
Sam Wink
1st AD
Tom Lawrence
Director of Photography
Matt North
Focus Puller
Christian Swain
Clapper Loader
Chris Rogers
Hamza Twomey
Alexandra Green
Ruth Higginbottom
Asst stylist
Kristen Neillie
Hair & Make-up
Gigi Hammond
Make-up Assistant
Lauren Elise White
Lloyd Willacy
Director's Representation
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