NERD & Future '1000' by Scott Cudmore & Todd Tourso

NERD & Future '1000' by Scott Cudmore & Todd Tourso
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The second NERD video – or 'Tutorial' – directed by Scott Cudmore and Todd Tourso. Like the first it centres on phenomenal dancer Mette Towley, but the video for 1000 is more controversial, diving headlong into the polarised politics of the United States. 

Clearly influenced by the work of Arthur Jafa - the great Jay-Z 4:44 video, for example - and Beyoncé's Formation, it starts with clips of news footage - clashes between white nationalists and left-leaning protesters - in a seemingly unmediated way. There follows a break in the track to include a monologue by Mike Tyson at his boxing peak.

Thought-provoking stuff, although it may not be entirely clear what message we're supposed to take from this Tutorial.  



Todd Tourso
Scott Cudmore
Production Company
Good CompanyGood Company website
Creative Director
Phi Hollinger
Executive Producer
Brian Welsh
Executive Producer
Jonathan Lia
Stacey Thiel
Director of Photography
Malik Sayeed
JaQuel Knight
Production designer
Brandon Mendez
Mette Towley
Shirley Kurata
Hair & Make-up
Olive Meyer
Hair & Make-up
Tina Martinez
Taylor Ward
Dave Hussey
Grading company
Company 3
Post Supervisor
Andrew Illson
Director's Rep (UK)
Chloe Page at Lock It InChloe Page at Lock It In website

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