Visionist 'Value' by Frederik Heyman

Visionist 'Value' by Frederik Heyman
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In a visual tour de force for Visionist, Frederick Heyman stages a number of documentary scenes involving extreme peril, placing numerous versions of the experimental composer within each scene. The effect is mesmerising and very eery. Then he deconstructs the whole process, which makes it even eerier.

Heyman is best known for his use of photogrammetric techniques - using 3D scans to insert real-world subjects into staged digital scenes, manipulated by mechanically induced movement and timed text. The track Value (from the album of the same name) deals with the issue of self-struggle, and Visionist says: "I wanted to work with Frederik as he deals with the perception of realness, something I deal with within my own anxieties, creating and believing in situations that haven’t even happened yet.”

“Visionist and I focused on historic press images of people in the need of rescue," says Frederik Heyman. "Visionist then reenacts these situations via numerous 3D scans that are processed into several digital installations, maintaining the original photographic stillness that is key to my work.”


Frederik Heyman
Frederik Heyman
Big Dada
Frederik Heyman, Kk Obi, Louis Carnell - Ft. Y Project, Acne, Timo Zundorf, Olubiyi Thomas, Vivienne Westwood, Craig Green

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