Franz Ferdinand 'Always Ascending' by AB/CD/CD

Franz Ferdinand 'Always Ascending' by AB/CD/CD
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Franz Ferdinand reunite with AB/CD/CD for the title track from the forthcoming new album, and move to the next level.

The mesmerizing video for Always Ascending showcases the band's new line-up with a video that never stops moving, firstly around the band, and then, appropriately enough, continuously upwards, revealing new combinations of the band in performance.

It's Paris-based directing duo AB/CD/CD's first video since joining Forever for UK representation, joining up again with Forever EP Sasha Nixon, and it's their second project with Franz following the acclaimed video for Johnny Delusional.   

Franz frontman Alex Kapranos says: “We’re happy to now be Always Ascending on the screen, with AB/CD/CD capturing the mood of the song and likenesses of the band in perfect detail. This is pretty much a typical Sunday afternoon round at Franz Ferdinand’s flat.”


Anna Roudaut
Production Company
ForeverForever website
Production Company
La PacLa Pac website
Executive Producer
Jerome Denis
Executive Producer
Sasha Nixon
Production Manager
Mickael Lafont
1st AD
Gary Brocaud
Director of Photography
Kaname Onoyama
Art Director
Samantha Lanteri
Lucille Durez
Marc Marborough
Sylvain Canaux
Grading company
St Regis
Post production company
St Louis
Post Producer
Laurence Lelong, Editors
John Moule
Domino Recordings

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