We Are Major 'Ghost' by Liswaya

We Are Major 'Ghost' by Liswaya
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Liswaya dissects the painful process of creativity in her video for We Are Major. Very painful, as a young artist suffers an all-too-credible crisis of confidence.

From the director


"Creation itself is the most fascinating, liberating and valuing act that can exist. But it’s also so personal and intimate as that can fast become an endless questioning. With Ghost I wanted to capture that duality during the process of creation with an art that represents action, instantaneity. I wanted to have very fast camera movements, with violent rotations and images in overlapping to express this notion of chaos.

"In my process of creation, mostly on music video, music and lyrics are so personal that I need to discuss them with the artist. We had already worked on the music video “Room 593” with Medhi, Romain and Jonathan. It allowed us to have a frank and honest exchange on their own track vision.

"What is essential for me is to work with artists who are committed to what they tell. For Ghost, there is a strong and interesting duality with this pop sound that hides a darker and deeper message.

"I loved working on this music video because it was a creative process that I am used to working through as an artist. I have to pass by a phase of total chaos before I can find the spark that makes me vibrate on the writing process. I like to create phantasmagorical universes, bordering on reality. There is a parallel dimension that we have in our minds since we were children, and I explore that by telling stories."


Leslie Dupuis-mendel
Production Company
Glitch Paris
Director of Photography
Alexandre Jamin
Mathieu Caplanne
Sylvian Fabre
Director's Representation
Chloe Page @ Lock It In

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