Nuuxs 'Real Love' by William Baker

Nuuxs 'Real Love' by William Baker
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William Baker, Kylie Minogue's influential creative director for many years, and now working with the Killers, makes a significant step as a music video director with this blissful dream of a video for new pop star Nuuxs.

The video for Real Love (from her Pearl EP), in which Nuuxs and pals take a trip to the country on a beautiful English summer's day, and pair off with each other, was inspired by Sofia Coppola’s The Virgin Suicides and Ryan McGinley’s photography - with a nod to the eroticism of Bertolucci's The Dreamers.

It's also the first result of Baker's signing as director to new production outfit, Iron Age Pictures, set up by producer Matthew Clyde.


William Baker
Matt Clyde
Production Company
Iron Age PicturesIron Age Pictures website
Executive Producer
Matt Clyde
Production Manager
Conor Duffy
1st AD
Chris Riley
Director of Photography
Thomas EnglishThomas English website
Focus Puller
John Patterson
2nd AC
Jerry Pradon
Lee Parfitt
Laura Louoz
Jessie Hope-weston
Maxim Young
Editing company
Thomas Urbye
Grading company
The Look
Jakub Franasowicz, Ed Munroe, Aidan Walsh, William Hawkins, Rio Redrika, Oheema
Director's Representation
Carrie Sutton
Goldun Egg Records

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