Jain 'Dynabeat' by Greg & Lio

Jain 'Dynabeat' by Greg & Lio
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Greg & Lio went to Thailand with French pop star Jain to continue in the optical-illusory vein of their previous collaborations for Come and the award-winning Makeba, and have come up with an absolute jawdropper for Dynabeat.

The cultural diversity of Bangkok, the symbols of the disco era, the influence of Rene Magritte and the work of New York photographer Jamel Shabazz come together in a melting pot of imagination, fronted by the charming Jain, brought together in a phenomenal VFX project by Paris post house Fix Studio.

Graphic designer & street artist Rukkit contributed graphical elements to the video including the “Naga,” a scared mystical snake hat protects sacred temples we see when Jain jumps at 1:49. But there is so much going on here, from start to finish. And the authentic audio cassette-decorated car (above) may be best of all.

“At our first brief, their only request was to play with this idea of multiplication,” Lio has explained. "So we added optical illusions around this to create a unique and personalized universe. Makeba was an homage to the singer Miriam Makeba shot in South Africa, and now with Dynabeat we are transported to Asia. It’s the logical follow-up of this cultural adventure, keeping the same creative structure, with even more dancing."


Greg & Lio
Production Company
Art Bridge - Quad Group
Executive Producer
Olivier Bassuet
Director of Photography
Stephane Vallee
Post production company
Fix Studio
Post Producer
Nataly Aveillan

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