Ghostpoet 'Freak Show' by Zhang + Knight

Ghostpoet 'Freak Show' by Zhang + Knight

Pleasure becomes an artificial commodity in Zhang + Knight's sprawling, sinister clip for Ghostpoet.

Initially shot overseas before running into some trouble (more on that in a few days time), the video depicts a haunting pre-apocalyptic world in which most of the finer things in life have become synthetic substitutions for the real thing. Pollution seems to be at a lethal high point, morale at a lethal low. A smog covers most of the promo, and slowly creeps through the characters lives - a constant ghostly reminder of a potential near-future.

With moody compositions that feel like something out of a Gregory Crewdson book by way of Black Mirror, Zhang + Knight have crafted a world that's haunting in its nihilistic projections.


Zhang + Knight
Executive Producer
Katie Lambert
Mikael Nakkas
Production Company
Agile FilmsAgile Films website
Sebastian Olivares
Director of Photography
Christophe Collette
Director of Photography
Oliver Ford
Focus Puller
Sam Riley
2nd AC
Mahalia John
James Miller
Ilana Garrard
Pete Bishop
Will Pope
Art Director
Alicia Howitt
Daniel de Vue
Graphic design
Robert Ashton
Director's Representation
OB ManagementOB Management website
Sean Mayo

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  • UK Music Video Awards 2017 (MPU)
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