Calvin Harris Ft. Pharrell, Katy Perry, Big Sean 'Feels' by Emil Nava

Calvin Harris Ft. Pharrell, Katy Perry, Big Sean 'Feels' by Emil Nava

Calvin Harris and a star-studded line-up of Pharrell, Katy Perry and Big Sean embark on a hyper-stylized island getaway in the new music video ‘Feels’ directed by Emil Nava.

Shying away from the highly-polished gloss of videos previous, Emil Nava goes for a purposefully degraded look in this clip, which sees the megastars live it up on their own summer time sets (big twist: they're all the same set!). The footage is grainy, the colours warp into strange realms of contrast and cross processing and Calvin Harris is relegated to playing the bass. A great summer trip in more ways than one that really embraces its stylish artificiality. 



Emil Nava
Maryann Tanedo
Production Company
Ammolite Inc
1st AD
Knoko Chapple
Director of Photography
Patrick MellerPatrick Meller website
Focus Puller
Jimmy Ward, Simon England
2nd AC
Nathan Stern, Justin Zaffiro
Art Director
Alex Pacion
Cactus Plant, Jamie Schneider Mizrahi
Chris Appleton, Ruslan Nureev
Hung Vanngo
Sean Fazende
Aubrey Woodiwiss
Post Producer
Brian Mulvey
Director's Representation
Ob Management (uk)
Mike O'Keefe
Executive Post Producer
Amburr Farls
Production Supervisor
Rose Krane
Asst. Prod Super
Josh Reed
Anastasia Solovieva

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  • UK Music Video Awards 2017 (MPU)
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