Radiohead 'Man of War' by Colin Read

Radiohead 'Man of War' by Colin Read

It's two tales as different as day and night in Colin Read's gripping video for Radiohead's Man of War.

A camera sweeps through a park on a Steadicam, cutting abruptly but seamlessly between identical shots in day and night. Before long we're introduced to our lead character whose daytime movements begin decidedly more relaxed than his night time parallel. Every action has an equal or opposite reaction and the paranoid, fidgety sense of impending trouble blurs the lines between the day and night actions before they seemingly become one and the same. A simple and sinister story structured superbly in the edit.


Colin Read
Connor Kammerer
Production Company
Pulse FilmsPulse Films website
Director of Photography
Todd Martin
Executive Producer
Rik Green
Jess Lowe
Production Coordinator
Eleni Cocores
1st AC
Emma Hing
2nd AC
Zoe Yi
Lori Dinsmore
Chelsea Netzband
Hair & Make-up
Anissa Salazar
Movement Director
Katherine Helen Fisher
Set PA
Jon Emerenciano
Set PA
Richard Aleman
Colin Read
Tom Poole
Colin Read

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