Little Mix Ft. Stormzy 'Power' by Hannah Lux Davis

Little Mix Ft. Stormzy 'Power' by Hannah Lux Davis

Little Mix celebrates female empowerment in this bright, bold era-spanning video by Hannah Lux Davis.

Featuring cameos from the girls' mums and a guest verse by Stormzy, the clip sees each of the girls occupy a different era and subculture, to celebrate the women therein. From the LGBTQ scene, to the 60s and 70s peace movement, to biker gangs and the New York streets of the 80s and 90s, the girls perform in their own aesthetic universe, each celebrating the power of the women surrounding them. A colourful, bright and polished effort as ever from Hannah Lux Davis - proving too that she's one of the most powerful women in Music Videos.


Hannah Lux Davis
Harriet Towler
Angela Gregory
Production Company
London AlleyLondon Alley website
Executive Producer
Luga Podesta
Executive Producer
Brandon Bonfiglio
Executive Producer
Jess Bell
Director of Photography
Daniel Stafford-clark
Director of Photography
Carlos Veron
Hannah Lux Davis, Joe Shahood, Rachel Gutknecht
Brian Smaller
Director's Representation
OB ManagementOB Management website
Mike O'keefe, Lisa Foo, Barney Leigh

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