Arcade Fire 'Everything Now' by The Sacred Egg

Arcade Fire 'Everything Now' by The Sacred Egg

The Sacred Egg's vision of the future is not all that cheery in Arcade Fire's new video for Everything Now.

With the remnants of satellites littering the barren desert landscape, children playing among the waste and the floating cacti, and an endless team of people in hazmat suits combing the earth for clues, it's a dystopia that feels a little too real in wake of recent American political missteps in the field of climate change. Tied together through the decaying infrastructure, the various dystopian vignettes cast a bleak, but beautifully shot, view of the future. Intercut with a stylish-as-ever performance from Arcade Fire who sit right in amongst the desert themselves (next to a brilliant, entirely useless billboard that intentionally blends into the backdrop and also serves as the artwork for the album).

From the director

The Sacred Egg:

"The song is both anthemic and melancholy.  The challenge for us was to create something that captured both these moods.   Ultimately we wanted to create a magical world but one which had an undercurrent to it.  A parallel country that was both familiar and strange.  One about corporations and infrastructure and family.  We didn’t want to pass a judgment on it though.  It’s for the viewer to make sense of any undertones.  We simply tried to capture the mood of this alternate land."


The Sacred Egg
Director of Photography
Newton Thomas Sigel
Executive Producer
Sue Yeon Ahn
UK Producer
Natalie Arnett
Jon Day
Jason Baum
Art Director
Mike Berg
Leanie Van Der Vyver
Sam Bould
Editing company
Big Buoy
Grading company
Post production company
Jonathon Box
Andy Steele
Richard Fearon
Post Producer
Ryan Hancocks
Production Company
The Director's Bureau
Director's Rep (UK)
Riff Raff FilmsRiff Raff Films website

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