Imagine Dragons 'Thunder' by Joseph Kahn

Imagine Dragons 'Thunder' by Joseph Kahn

Music video's blockbuster surrealist Joseph Kahn delivers a mind-bender for Imagine Dragons.

Shot in Dubai and featuring a trio of street dancing aliens, the incredible black and white clip throws more VFX at you per second than your brain can possibly process. Infinitely replicating cars, band members and sheep(?) populate the world of this video, with fireworks adding injections of colour sporadically.

Visually it's what we've come to expect of Kahn over the years, and then some. As if somewhere in space the ship from Michael and Janet's Scream video crashed into the ship at the end of The Fifth Element and the survivors came to Earth to dance.


Joseph Kahn
Jil Hardin
Nathan de la Rionda
Charleen Manca
Production Company
Aaron Sillis
Ingenuity Studios

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