Enrique Iglesias Feat. Descemer And Zion & Lennox 'Subeme La Radio' by Alejandro Pérez

Enrique Iglesias Feat. Descemer And Zion & Lennox 'Subeme La Radio' by Alejandro Pérez

Enrique Iglesias teams up once again with director Alejandro Pérez for a Cuban street party performance video.

Subeme la Radio (which depending one your translation means either 'Turn up the radio' or 'Bring me the radio') is a celebration video through and through. The Havana streets are alive with colourful costumes and dancing, with Enrique and his crew cutting between rooftops and the inside of their party bus.

With Havana being Alejandro's hometown, you get the feeling that this is a very personal celebration for him, but that doesn't stop fans from getting emotional too - with fans weeping when they get within feet of Iglesias.


Alejandro Pérez
Ernesto Riadigos
Production Company
Artist Preserve
Executive Producer
Yasha Malekzad
Executive Producer
Kasra Pezeshki
1st AD
Ana Herrera Llaca
Director of Photography
Alejandro Pérez
Steeve Daviault
José Lemuel
Director's Representation
Artist Preserve
Sony Music International

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