Ed Sheeran 'The Shape Of You' by Jason Koenig

Ed Sheeran 'The Shape Of You' by Jason Koenig
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Jason Koenig's new video for Ed Sheeran packs a proper punch. It's an action-romance (if such a genre exists) that throws in some action-comedy for good measure. And Sheeran manfully steps up to the challenge of not one but two unlikely roles: Rocky-style wannabe pugilist, and romantic lead.

Ed heads for the boxing gym - revealing some impressive ink-work - but is distracted by the beautiful girl boxer (played by Jennie Pegouskie) training for a big fight. And they hit it off nicely.

Although Ed's climactic comedy fight with the Sumo wrestler Yama seems slightly out of step with what has gone before, as with the recently released video for The Castle On The Hill video by George Belfield, this shows the singer-songwriter and label pushing the envelope with his videos for the forthcoming new album '÷', as a kind of natural progression of the Sheeran brand. 



Jason Koenig
Honna Kimmerer
Production Company
Anonymous Content
Executive Producer
Nina Soriano
Director of Photography
Jason Koenig
Johnny Valencia
Jason Koenig
Jennie Pegouskie
Dan Curwin

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