Kwabs 'Cheating On Me' by I Owe Youth - now signed to Caviar London

Kwabs 'Cheating On Me' by I Owe Youth - now signed to Caviar London
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The young duo I Owe Youth - that's Dominic Dorin and Lewis Foster - created this wonderfully simple and solemn video for Kwabs' new single Cheating On Me.

Prompted by the lyrics in the song, the clip sees the artist confronting his own reflection, which takes on a life of its own. The reflection itself becomes a projection of his psyche, dipping in and out of sync with the real Kwabs.

It's a strong performance piece, where we feel the singer reliving his guilt, until the end, where both figures fall back in sync, coming to some kind of recognition of the past. 

Caviar London have recently signed I Owe Youth, following on from their successful debut collaboration for Rudimental’s I Will For Love. Ore Okonedo, head of music videos for Caviar in London, says: “After meeting with I Owe Youth I was inspired by their desire for creativity and ability to adapt to different musical styles. I see exciting times ahead for them.”



I Owe Youth
Production Company
CaviarCaviar website
Ore Okonedo
Production Manager
Maurizio Von Trapp
1st AD
Kerry Green
Director of Photography
Mattias Nyberg
Focus Puller
Silvio Bersani
2nd AC
Ben Worthington
Joel Blewer
Howard Davidson
Art Department
Georgia Coleman
Hair & Make-up
Maria Asadi
Amber Tanc
Ellie Johnson
Editing company
SpeadeSpeade website
Dan Moran
Grading company
Smoke & Mirrors
Dan Curwin
Tom Wynborne
Charlotte Miller

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