Migos 'One Time' by Ninian Doff

Migos 'One Time' by Ninian Doff
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Like most self-respecting hip-hop artists, the Migos crew of Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset know how to throw a party. But Ninian Doff has literally added another dimension to their fun, in his video for One Time - commissioned as part of the 2015 YouTube Music Awards. 

Ninian's video has them waking up in a gloriously lofty villa in a post-party daze, and then realising they're seeing a visible echo of the previous night's antics - and they're now operating in the fourth dimension. Taking a tour of the house means leaving a trail behind them as they show off the bling, the gorgeous house and the outdoor pool. 

It makes for a visual feast, showcasing clever VFX cut-out techniques executed at Finish in London – and a very entertaining video.



Ninian Doff
Production Company
Pulse Films
Executive Producer
Laura Tunstall
Sarah Park
Laura Tunstall
Taylor Vandegrift
Production Manager
Alex Sanchez
Director of Photography
Sing Howe Yam
1st AD
Brandeaux Tourville
Marko the Curator
Sarah Kinsumba
Production designer
Kathrin Eder
Leo King

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