Videos Of The Month - December 2017

The final month of 2017 saw big hitters of the year make more big statements. None more so than Jay-Z. There was also two new outstanding videos from Bjork that signposted that she was coming back to her best. And then there were the artists who promise big in 2018.

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Best of 2017: From Around The World

2017 was the year that non-Anglo music rose to the top - even above Taylor and Ed - with Latin pop, Brazilian funk and K-Pop videos posting mind-boggling figures on YouTube. So now Lassamie Prasimay takes us through is a selection of some of the most creative videos from around the world - from Argentina to Japan – that we missed first time around, in '17.

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Videos Of The Month - November 2017

Some of the best creativity of the year happened in music videos in November, with the rare sight of OK Go being challenged at their own game, by young Irish band The Academic and French project General Elektriks (above).

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Videos Of The Month 10/17

Another bang-up list of fine work that came out in the mad month that was October 2017, including Mats Udd's video for First Aid Kit...

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Videos Of The Month - September 2017

Our pick of the best videos for September includes artists who have been making great videos for decades, and very promising new artists who clearly have a great visual sense. And that's just the Bs.

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Videos Of The Month - August 2017

The month that ended with that big Katy v Taylor face-off - and two of the biggest budgeted videos of recent times - had a more modest feel through most of August, and some seriously good work.

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Videos Of The Month - June 2017

We won't forget June 2017 in a hurry. Here are the videos that stood out in an extraordinary, devastating month.

Including new ones from Arcade Fire, Bastille, Bjork, Everything Everything, Kasabian, Kendrick, Little Mix, Radiohead, The Weeknd... and Haim (above). 

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