Dougal Wilson 'remakes' Bohemian Rhapsody for John Lewis & Waitrose

Dougal Wilson 'remakes' Bohemian Rhapsody for John Lewis & Waitrose

Dougal Wilson does it again - and this time, for his latest John Lewis ad (which is also for Waitrose) he's honouring one of the greatest music videos of all time with a splendid heartwarming, and utterly ingenious recreation of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.

In classic Dougal Wilson fashion, the setting is middle England, where an audience of parents are loyally applauding an uninspiring school concert. But appears the music teacher is a budding musical director - and possibly music video director. When four of his kids appear in the familiar arrangement of the bandmembers heads, underlit by torches, it signals a few minutes of unadulterated joy. There are lots of references to the original video, with a bit of a sci-fi theme added.

The ad, is the latest out of agency adam&eve/DDB for John Lewis, and the first to be for both John Lewis and Waitrose to announce that they are adding '& Partners' to their names. It;s the latest of many commercials that Dougal Wilson has made for the agency and company, and signals his own important connections to music videos - he was making great videos for the likes of The Streets, Will Young, Dizzee Rascal and many others before he became primarily a commercials director.

And as if to confirm that this was made with considerable love as well as skill, the comments section on YouTube is already drawing congratulations from members of the crew of the original video, made back in 1975.  

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