The Shiny Awards off to a winning start

The Shiny Awards off to a winning start

The Shiny Awards, the new awards show for unsigned and recently signed directors kicked off to an enthusiastic full house at The Mill in London last night (February 22nd).

Winners at the first Shiny Awards were Fergal Costello and Isaiah Seret, who shared the Best recently signed director award; Fanny Hoetzeneder and Nadia Lee Cohen, who shared the Best diversity director award; and Curtis Essel, who won the Best unsigned director prize.  

Unsigned shortlisted directors from across the UK & Europe networked with London’s leading reps, agencies, production companies & label commissioners, after a screening of the 10 best entries to the first Shinies.

The first Shiny Awards attracted nearly 300 entries from unsigned and recently signed directors worldwide. Over 100 judges throughout the music video and advertising industries gave 1,500 instances of feedback to largely appreciative new directors. 30 shortlist jurors from leading positions across the industry debated the 40 videos which scored highly enough to reach the shortlist.

Shiny Awards organiser Caroline Bottomley commented: “The winning video for the unsigned category has only 5k youtube views, so I’m particularly pleased we turned that up. Everybody commented on the great quality of the shortlist, I think everyone who came was very happy indeed’.


Best recently signed director - tie for first place:

Fergal Costello 
for Brave Giant 'The Time I Met The Devil'
Production company: Gas & Electric
Commissioner: The band

Isaiah Seret 
for Alt-J 'Pleader’
Production company: Biscuit Filmworks
Commissioner: Andrew Law

Best diversity director - tie for first place:

Fanny Hoetzeneder 
for Turtle 'Bloodtype’
Production company: Knucklehead
Commissioner: Ali Raymond @ Beatnik Creative

Nadia Lee Cohen 
for Dram ft A$AP Rocky ‘Gilligan’
Production company: Academy/ A+
Commissioner: Joseph Boyd @ Atlantic Records

Best unsigned director:

Curtis Essel 
for Tariq Disu ‘Livestream’
Commissioner: The artist

The next Shiny Awards will take place in September 2018.



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