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MOURN 'Irrational Friend' by Roger Guàrdia

Blink and you'll miss this brilliant little barrage of cool from Mourn and Roger Guàrdia.

Over in under two minutes, but cramming in as many ideas as they possibly can, the video combines great performance clips with impossibly cool visual tricks that barely stick around long enough to make sense of.

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Girl Ray 'Where Am I Now' by Rita Conry

Here's another great little video for North London indie group Girl Ray.

It's a pared-down, split-screen, black and white clip that sees bandmates playing the dreamy tune Where Am I Now under rays of sun, with nicely composed interplay between their a performance and a more introspective vision where their faces are reflected in mirrors.

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Sean Paul ft Dua Lipa 'No Lie' by Tim Nackashi

Fresh from chart-topping with Sia on Cheap Thrills, reggae stalwart Sean Paul teams with the super-hot Dua Lipa on No Lie, and turns to Tim Nackashi to direct the video that features a creative use of mirrors in several West London high rises.

Sometimes its hard to tell what's real and what's reflected, but don't let that spoil your enjoyment of this soon-to-be-huge party banger.

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Delorean 'Epic' by Joan Guasch

Joan Guasch's adds art to nature in his latest video for Delorean.

Firstly he spent a week in Iceland shooting the country's forbidding, breathtaking landscapes. Then he returned to his studio in Barcelona to enhance them, with a range of abstract sculptural forms in 3D that emerge from and merge with those extreme environments. 

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Migos 'T-Shirt' by DAPS, Quavo

Their song Bad And Boujee was namechecked by Donald Glover at The Golden Globes a few days ago, as he collected his award for Best TV Series - Comedy or Musical for his show Atlanta, as the "best song ever". Now Atlanta's own Migos are feeding anticipation for the new album Culture, with three new videos – including this one directed by DAPS and bandmember Quavo for T-Shirt.

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I Am Niamh 'Bellend' by Aidan Duffy

Aidan Duffy's enigmatic video for Bellend, set in gorgeous VFX-enhanced Irish countryside, is the fifth and final single from i am niamh's debut album Wonderland - selected for The Irish Times' Songs of the Week in December 2016.

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