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Ebenezer 'Ask Around' by BAFIC

BAFIC’s video for Ebenezer's Ask Around demonstrates his eye for capturing a performer’s energy. It's shot mostly from the passengers POV of Ebenezer’s car, and the video takes you, through a series of seamless fast cuts and inventive camera work, on a turned up joy ride around North London.

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Everything Everything 'Night Of The Long Knives' by Kit Monteith

A brilliant, kinetic performance video by Kit Monteith for Everything Everything's finest song, Night Of The Long Knives.

Shot in Low Four Studios in Manchester, Monteith has turned a simple and intimate studio performance into a frenzy of pent-up energy with a breathtaking use of digital camera imagery - from the pristine to the super-gnarly.

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Urbanski ft. Justyna Święs 'Ultraviolet' by Filip Zaluska

A security guard starts to question his eyes, and grip on reality, when the bank of CC camera monitors he's watching starts to throw up strange irregularities.

Filip Zaluska expertly racks up the tension in a taut mini-thriller for Urbanski that, as with his previous work, showcases Zaluska's excellent cinematography and atmospheric direction.

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Black Honey 'Dig' by Shaun James Grant

Shaun James Grant collaborates with Izzy Bee Phillips aka Black Honey on a noirish story of revenge in a funeral setting, with a time shifting element that may take you by surprise.

With Grant and Phillips working together on wardrobe, is heavy on style and atmosphere - and after this one for Dig, it looks like there'll be another episode of vintage, sexy cool on its way. 

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