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Eels 'Rusty Pipes' by Matthias Hoene

Matthias Hoene's very charming video for Eels tells the story of a Rusty, the drainpipe man - he's an abandoned and corroded set of drainpipes who ventures into the wide world to find his original owner, only to realise that he is surplus to requirements, and therefore homeless. So he must reinvent himself...

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Jonas Blue ft. Jack & Jack 'Rise' by Sashinski

It's a big day out for a gang of friends in Sashinski's video for Jonas Blue shot on location in Lisbon.

With featured artists Jack & Jack making their presence felt with an accompanying performance, the flow of the narrative works to an impressive climax - this attractive bunch walk the city and finally end up at a massive outdoor concert by Jonas Blue himself. 

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Krept & Konan ft. Jhené Aiko 'Wrongs' by KLVDR

KLVDR makes behind the scenes part of the video in this slick joint for Krept & Konan. He adds some heightened reality, that pumps an element of drama into their performance of Wrongs with guest artist Jhené Aiko. And it's delivered in a gorgeous noir grade.

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Boston Manor 'Halo' by Lewis Cater

Lewis Cater's video for Blackpool rockers Boston Manor places the band under red neon, both in performance and in dramatic vignettes that appear to spring from the minds of the bandmembers.

It's a very strong look which also references the aesthetics of the band's forthcoming record Welcome to the Neighbourhood.

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Nao 'Another Lifetime' by Zhang + Knight

Zhang + Knight bring Nao into a discombulated world, where a night walk on a deserted street makes the telephone wires fizzle and burst into flame.

It's a highly atmospheric showcase for Another Lifetime - the first track from the angel-voiced Nao's new album Another Lifetime - beautifully shot by Norm Li.

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Bad Bad Not Good 'I Don't Know' by Will Mayer

Will Mayer turns a very tangible fear into an existential threat in his haunting video for Bad Bad Not Good.

A man sits in a car, inexorably filling up with water. When he escapes, he then find himself in another situation where rising waters could engulf him at any moment.

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GRAVEDGR 'Rampage' by Paco Ratera

New Pulse signing Paco Ratera follows up his thrlling video for Gaika with a real top-notch horror show for GRAVEDGR.

Raterta's nerve-shredding homage to the slasher genre features the requisite relentless psychopathic killer- this one marked out by his unusual (but highly appropriate) weapon: a gravedigger's spade.

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Spiritualized 'I'm Your Man' by Juliette Larthe

She has been one of the UK's top music video producers for years, and is the co-founder and executive producer of PRETTYBIRD in the UK. Now Juliette Larthe has made a surprising and very welcome move into music video directing, with a wonderful video for an awesome song from Spiritualized's new album, And Nothing Hurt.

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